Urgent Bug Fix: Completing the game

Hi everyone, 

A last minute bug was accidentally created in our submission during the mad rush to the finish line. This bug has unfortunately made it impossible to complete the last level of the game, and that is, well, a bit of a disappointment!

We really want you all to be able to see the ending, but also don't want to break any rules of the jam. So, until we hear whether it is ok to upload a fix to itch, we wanted to let you know we have a patched version of the game available as a WebGL build at:


Now you can find out, what has happened? Why the world is locked in a 30 second endless Groundhog Day :)

We will upload the patch to the itch.io versions either after we get the OK from @MatthewPalaje or once voting has finished, whichever comes sooner.

Thanks again for playing!

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