BUGFIX: Final Level Loading Time

Hi everyone,

The problem with the loading times for the final level has been solved. Stupidly, a trigger for one of the final dialog segments was interfering with the entry to the level so the player was treated to a black screen while the not yet completed fade-in blocked viewing the dialog exchange between Bella and Reggie.

This dialog was kind of important because it explained one of the critical tools needed to complete the level! If you have had a play through and want to have another go, it should make more sense now. 

The WebGL build is uploaded to http://www.oddgull.com/Clockbound and the itch versions will be uploaded once the rating period is over.

Thanks again for the feedback on forums, discord and here. Game Jams are simply brilliant. 


otyx and the Clockbound gang!

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The corrected versions have now been uploaded to itch. When rating the game for the "Let's Create #1" game jam, please only consider up to level 3 as gameplay beyond that was blocked by a bug which has now been fixed. However the bug-fix was made after the submission deadline. Only want to be as fair as possible :)